Venticell 404 ECO

Venticell 404 ECO

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Due to a patented ventilation system the air within the VENTICELL-chamber is ventilated in a regular spilar way. This leads to a homogenous temperature
profile throughout the chamber and short heating times. Operating economy is ensured by higher rate and precision of heating in laboratories. Especially
suitable for very moist goods.

* Microprocessor control Fuzzy Logic
* 3-conductors PT-100 control sensor
* Integrated RS 232 for Warmcomm or print
* 3 inch transreflective LCD COG display
* Keyboard block of unauthorized access
* Integrated USB Device for Warmcomm
* Electronical security device type 2
* Galvanized sheet metal painted housing
* Inner walls from stainless steel
* Fresh air and exhaust duct
* 2 chrome plated trays included
* Click out inner walls
* 9 programs
* Up to 2 segments, up to 99 cycles
* Acoustic and visual alarm
* Adjustable ventilation rate 10 to 100%
* Real time feature

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