ZWYR-2102C? Premium 170L orbital double-layer shaking incubator

Model No: ZWYR-2102C Premium 170L orbital double-layer shaking incubator

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These new double layer shaking incubators in a class of their own, are specially developed a cost effective and space saving solution for the modern biological engineering departments; the units are widely used in the applications of germ culture, hybridization, biochemical research, enzyme and cellular tissues. These incubators have a smooth compact design, which are very efficient and have an excellent floor space/performance factor. The double layer shaking frame supports two trays above each other, doubles the capacity for smaller flasks, while after removing the top tray (Shaking frame upgrade is required).


170L volume, two 496x350mm shaking trays included as standard
All premium features apply, cooling capacity for 4-60?C operation
Two trays above each other, double the capacity for small flasks
Single front-open door with double-folded glass window
Orbital movement with speed adjustable from 30-300rpm and 26mm shaking diameter

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