ZWY-100H?Economic 63L orbital benchtop shaking incubator, heating only

Model No: ZWY-100H?Economic 63L orbital benchtop shaking incubator, heating only

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The benchtop orbital shaking incubators provided by LABWIT offer for small to medium capacity conditions of time, temperature and orbital agitation for the growth of biological organisms. These microprocessor controlled shakers have a number of advanced features that are really unique in bench top models, such as cooling capacity, stepless shaking diameter adjustment. LABWIT shaking incubators are lab workhorses and provide ?set and forget? programmable operating conditions and precise tempe rature performance for a variety of molecular biology techniques. The inner chamber is clearly visible from all angles across the room. The audible and visual alarms will alert the operator for set point deviations. The refrigerated models use CFC-free refrigerant, ozone layer friendly.


Medium 63L volume with 340x370mm shaking tray
Economic features apply. Heating only, ambient +5-60?C operation
Orbital movement with shaking diameter of 1-50mm stepless adjustable, 30-400rpm
Curved glass lid for easy cleaning and high visibility of inner chamber
Fully insulated cabinet ensures sound temperature stability

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